Imagine snowy plains, blue skies, sunshine and no one around... You are snowboarding or skiing while being pulled by a kite. You don´t need any hills or ski slopes. You can ride downhill, uphill, on flat ground or rolling hills and enjoy a relaxing ride. And that is not all. You can also jump or perform a variety of impressive tricks. Do you find this idea exciting? So this is snowkiting...

To do this sport, you just need your own skis, or snowboard, wind and a kite!


Do you want to try snowkiting just for fun? If so, than this course is for you! This course is for beginners who are here to learn the basic theory, which is flying the small chamber kites including the takeoffs and landings.

The purpose of this course is to give you an overview of how this sport works, to make sure it´s not too difficult for you and to have some fun. We also recommend this course to children, since the kites used in this course are smaller.

Whatever your goals are, just start with this course.


Do you want to learn basic handling of larger kites designed for riding? Than we have a 1 Day Kiting Course for you. In this course you will learn all the skills necessary for a safe manipulation with a kite. This course is also suitable for beginners, who have no previous experience in kiting.

The purpose of this course is to learn safe handling of large kites, how to prepare for flying, how to use safety control bar, how to launch a kite, how to land it and how to use and regulate the tension in different weather conditions. After completing this course you should be able to handle the different sizes of kites without any help. Then it´s time to start practicing skiing, or snowboarding while kiting...

If you want to learn how to fly large kites, start with this course!


Do you want to learn how to ride? Are you sure this is the right sport for you? Then don´t waste any time and take the 2 Day Snowkiting Course, where you will not only learn how to safely use the large kites, but on the second day you´ll mainly practice the technique of riding your skis or snowboard. How to launch it, stop it, how to go where you want to go and how to return to your original spot.

After completing this course you will not only be able to handle large kites, but you´ll also be able to ride in both directions on skis or a snowboard.


Have you seen kiting on your vacation and can´t stop thinking about riding on the water on a small board wherever you desire? Then the kiteboarding courses on the water are for you! Whether you´re a complete beginner, or well experienced, we have all kinds of courses to suit your needs.


This course is for the beginners, who have no previous kiting experience. You´ll learn the basics of how to fly the small trainee kites, how to prepare them for flying and the basic safety rules. It´s a great start and fun for the entire family and you´ll learn the basic rules.


If you have already completed the Level I, you can continue by taking the Level II course, which is for those, who already have previous experience with flying smaller kites.

In this course you´ll learn how to use large inflatable kite, how to regulate the performance, how to take off from the water, how to land and how to use the power of the kite for riding. This exercise is done without the board, but as you´ll find out you´ll have your hands full with the kite alone and you´ll have fun!

The right kite flying is not only fun, but it´s also an important first step to learning how to ride!


If you have already completed the Level I and the Level II, then you are ready for the board! This course is also good for those who are already skilled at snowkiting and who now want to try this sport on the water. You will refresh the basic kite handling in this course, to ensure that you are able to operate the kite on your own safely, while we continue to teach you....

You will learn how to start boarding. How much strength do you need to get on the board, how to stand up on the board, how to reduce the power and speed, how to stop, or how to get back to your starting point. After that you will practice how to ride in both directions and how to return.

After completing the Level III Course, it´s time to further practice your skills.

Don´t waste any time, you can start today! You can easily book your kiting course through our Online Form.